Scientist & Baker

I am the person who is looking for poetry in a piece of bread, cake, or other bake. My loved for bakes runs deep since my grandma was sending me to buy bread at the bakery at the end of the block and I could not help eating the corner crust on the walk back when I was younger than 5.

By comparison, I’m still a rookie baker, tracing my roots to a self-designed 25-day-till-xmas baking challenge in grad school, when I baked (almost) every day. I’ve come a long way since then, but I’m definitely still figuring things out too. While baking is a lot like science, the “rules” are a lot less precisely known and variables often unaccounted for. To me, this makes it a bit of a magical mystical experience, which I love sharing with people.

If you’ve tried any of my bakes, please give me the gift of feedback by sharing your experience.

Latest Bakes

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  • Eclairs
    Eclairs ought to be one of my favorite pastries. Traditionally, they have three components – the shell is a choux pastry, filled with pastry cream, and glazed with chocolate ganache. In Bake-off terms, you’re looking for a crisp shell (though gets a little flexible if not served right away), with a creamy dreamy vanilla center … Continue reading Eclairs

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